We all make mistakes from time to time. Here are 25 pictures that prove that the designers are the first to make mistakes

Well, each one of us can suffer a failure or a mistake. However, for some reason, the designers do it more often, and it is difficult to not realize some of these errors. Who have happened to do a gearbox in the form of a volume control and place it to the side of the audio system? Or, what brilliant mind invented a decorative waterfall in the shape of a staircase, which everyone confuses with a real one?

In Great.guru , we cannot remain silent. We decided to show 25 failures of design that, hopefully, will never be repeated any more.

Braille absolutely flat

The handle weighs more than the same pan

We wonder, what for?

Apparently, still not been decided

“LED flashlight super bright.

Includes 2 AA batteries (not included).

For use in interior and exterior”.

Do two for the price of one? No, thank you

“What I just disturbs me to see the ball go there?”

Only these designers could put a white text on a clear surface

The handle of this cup is very uncomfortable to the grip. In addition, the liquid can spill into there

We will never understand what there is to pack in plastic fruits have their own natural coverage

This store is open 9 days a week. Go…

“I first read the left-hand window, and I felt really bad…”

The text of the window says: “DIESEL for successful living”.

If you read only the message of the left, you will see: “Die by success”.

“Don’t open the gift, Karen! Something bad is waiting for you there!”

“A gift for Karen”.

Maze for lazy

I wonder what inspired the designer of this

“I hope not to crash the car if I decide to turn up the volume without seeing the board”

Simply, without words

For what is the second wheel? To navigate on the internet faster.

Advertising of a web page, but what?

Who invented this, to be sure, use the watch on their wrists

What did the designers place a text in font so small on this fence at the side of a motorway of 6 lanes?

In this store, any person with depression can find a lamp perfect.

What the children will be able to get off unscathed here?

Mmmm… And what is the ring then?

Learn to program and to… create the blue screen of death

“Learning to program your games, web pages and applications”.

People confuse this decorative waterfall with a ladder and… falls.

What of these “works of art” is your favorite?

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