Tokyo had its first snowfall in 4 years, now its inhabitants share photos of their snowmen

For the first time in 4 years in Tokyo fell a nevada. This caused a collapse of transport and, in general, caused many inconveniences for the residents of the capital. But people also found certain advantages in what happened, because we were finally able to create some snowmen!

The notion of the japanese about the snowmen is very different to ours, because the customary three balls of snow with a carrot to mark the nose is not an option for this country. The snowmen japanese are some true works of art. compiled the best snow sculptures, created by enthusiasts of Tokyo. They are shared in social networks under the hashtag #雪だるま.

1. Darth Vader went to the good side of the force

2. The Cheshire cat

3. What happened to Sulley?

4. Note that this sculpture is the side of the school of art

5. Lines unexpected

6. Pikachú white

7. Born of snow

8. For those who can’t wait to get to the bathroom

9. Snoopy Ear Green

10. Teddy bear

11. Directly from 2018

12. Mickey Mouse snow

13. And other Disney characters

14. The health not serves

15. Three for the price of one

16. Guardian

17. Perfectly equal

18. Wigwam

19. Snowman scorching

20. Birds

21. Totoro happy

22. A monster round and dientón

23. A kitten almost real

24. Eevee plush and snow

25. Totoro and bad weather

When was the last time you made a snowman?

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