Top Unocero: laptops more attractive 2018

Welcome to a new section called ” TOP Unocero, where every Thursday you’ll have a new video in which we show the main products, gadgets, applications, characters, inventions, robots, or anything that we find interesting related to technology.

This section is in charge of Mariana Vega (@mariana_vegal), one of the editors of the team Unocero.

Today platicaremos on laptops more attractive this year, not only for its design, but some of its features and specifications, because what is powerful is not fought with the beautiful, and show manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, etc

Remember to leave us your comments on what you most liked about this program, as well as the top that you have chosen for section of today.

So are the new Swift 7 and 5 Acer; computers more thin and light in the world and Partners.

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