#TopUnocero The selfies most deadly of the history

If there remained doubts that the selfies extreme are a practice that is extremely reckless and dangerous, the recent case of lto Portuguese citizen who died in Panama after falling 27 floors to be done one of these self-portraits, he returned to shake the whole world.

Mobility options in the CDMX #TipsNChips with @japonton

A recent study conducted by a major university of India found that between 2011 and 2017 have killed hundreds of people performing selfies extreme, however, it seems that thousands of people around the world do not understand that it is your own life that is at stake when they decide to make one of these images.

For recordársela, this week we dedicate the #TopUnocero to the selfies more lethal that we could remember, a true testimony to that recklessness of human often knows no bounds. You, friends of unocero, don’t be like that and best to share this video which is a lesson in head of others.

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