Tor-browser now download Android

One of the most effective ways of online anonymity, is via the Tor browser. The makers are launching now also an early variant for smartphones. Provisional do you have a second app is necessary to make it work: Orbot.

When you use the Tor browser to visit a web site, your connection through several nodes is encrypted. In that way, see sites, not who actually is the person behind the connection. The same technique is now available from the Tor Browser for Android.

The anonimiserende part of the Tor browser we through an extra app, Orbot. This leads to more internet traffic from apps on your smartphone. As soon as your Tor Browser for Android first time, you’ll get a message to Orbot, download and install.

Tor browser for iOS

It is the intention that you can Orbot will no longer need to browse anonymously via the mobile Tor-browser, which is now still in the alpha stage. When there is a version for iOS is released, it is not yet known.

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