TRAILER Dragon Ball Super: Broly: Gokú, Vegeta, and his Kama Hame Has double level God

This November 14 from Japan will be the world premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the return of the Saiyajins and the powerful Gokú & Vegeta in the face of a “paisano” of his extraordinary powers, the film continues with the adventures of this ultracelebre anime, and there are already new trailer.

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The animated film (it is the third after Dragon Ball Z: battle of gods and Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F) has become one of the most anticipated of the moment. In it we can see Gokú, Vegeta, and Broly as kids, to be based, in part, in the manga Dragon Ball Minus, which is the history of the Saiyajins and the source on top of goku.

The threat of Broly is more dangerous than ever, therefore, the two Saiyan count even with the invaluable help of Frieza and Whis, all to do against the power unleashed the Super Saiyan legendary.

Technically we had already met Broly in a trilogy of films in the series during the 90’s. Although the character was not canonical, not to be based on material by Akira Toriyama, its history and personality captivated the audience.

Dragon Ball Super Broly will come in January 2019 to Mexico and will feature voices of the dubbing original. and Partners.

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