Training for the Olympics with smart schaatspak Samsung

In the run-up to the winter Olympics in February to test two Dutch skaters a smart schaatspak of Samsung, the SmartSuit.

Shortrackers Sjinkie Knegt and Suzanne Schulting training currently with this suit, which is equipped with five sensors. That measure to the millimeter how ‘deep’ the skaters to sit. And the deeper, the better.

Coach Jeroen Otter gets the information directly on their smartphones, for which Samsung has a dedicated app developed. When the skaters deeper, he can through the app. The wristband that they are wearing, then goes to vibrate.

Only advance

The SmartSuit is purely meant for training, because this kind of techniques are not applied may be during the race itself. Yet, the data collected in this stage is already very valuable, because previously purely on the sensation was gone.

In the video below you can see the smart schaatspak in action.

[embedded content]

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