After controversy in Networks, Sesame street denies that Beto and Enrique are gay

Apparently one of the rumors most long-lived of the television, Beto and Enrique, two of the iconic characters of the beloved series Sesame street, are not homosexuals, despite many years of giving by fact that they were a gay couple.

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The clarification was made definitely after Mark Saltzman, a former writer for Sesame street, confirmed in an interview for the website of style of life, LGBTQ+, Queerty, that Beto and Enrique (or Bert and Ernie, as they are called originally) were in fact a gay couple.

Although the version of the relationship between Beto and Enrique has been in existence for several years and even earned them the cover of an edition of the famous magazine The New Yorker in 2013, the “confirmation” of Saltzman off a chain reaction in social networks and the report was picked up by mainstream media in Mexico and the world.

The reaction has been such that even the direction of Sesame street had to speak officially about to deny that for years there has been a strong rumor. He did so with a statement on their official Twitter account:

“As we’ve always said, Beto and Henry are best friends. They were created to teach the young we can all be friends all though we are very different from the others. Despite the fact that these are characters of the male sex, and have many human characteristics (like the puppets of Sesame street), they continue to feel puppets, and do not have sexual orientation.”

The denial of Sesame street has also caused a new wave of criticism, seeing it as contradictory, in the first place because various other characters from the series Yan have maintained a sentimental relationship, for example, two of the most iconic as Kermit the Frog and the Pig Peggy, although to ensure that their puppets “do not have sexual orientation.”

The term “Beto and Enrique” became a Trending Topic in Mexico, while the “Bert And Ernie” was also ranked as a Trending Topic globally on Twitter with over 50,000 tweets about it at the time of this climb. and Partners.

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