Trollean Apple, with video showing “how they were created,” the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

Trollear Apple seems to be the favorite pastime of many brands, but the truth is that everything we mock a little bit of the company of Tim Cook and especially the iPhone. We want to show you a video that makes it so spectacular.

And why not? It is after all the only thing we have left. If they can make fun of consumers by raising the prices of their equipment from year to year, are already if you want to innovate, at least we still have the laughter.

For all this you get hit with the price of the iPhone XS

We found the following video circulating around social media that shows you in a very literal way that iphones don’t change much and that year by year we see the same thing.

The clip in just 30 seconds makes a mockery of how we all became victims of his macabre marketing and we ended up as witnesses to a copy-paste either. In the end all turn around to see and applaud as if it were practically the same thing that we saw the previous event.

So, what the critique is for Apple or for us that we continue to consume? Is the let of the task. and Partners.

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