Trick to using Youtube in “incognito Mode” in Android and iOS

Yesterday we mentioned that Google had launched a new feature for YouTube that is very popular in Google Chrome is the incognito mode, however, the company is making the deployment of this function progressively, so that it can take days or weeks to see it in our YouTube app.

However, there is a small trick with which you can activate the “incognito Mode” in the application before you receive the aforementioned update, and is that although the function is not as such the “incognito Mode”, this trick allows you to get the same benefits, that is to say, not registering our search history and reproductions.

Unlike the “incognito Mode” announced yesterday for Android, this cheat can be useful for users of iOS and Android, and the only thing to do is the following:

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  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Click on our avatar and go to “Settings”.

  • Glide down to the option “History and Privacy”

  • Subsequently, we activated the switch of the options “Pause play history” and “Pause search history”.

  • With that will be enough to have the benefits of the “incognito Mode”

To deactivate this function, follow the same steps but by turning off the switch.

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As we can see is an option more tedious to turn on and off in comparison with the “incognito Mode” that a review of the day yesterday, as in the case of this last there is only to press in on our avatar, and enable or disable the option.

However, for all those enthusiasts who need to use this function you have available this cheat while them appears the option “incognito Mode”.

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