Your Internet cookies could be expensive to your travel and vacation

Have you noticed that many times when you find a cheap flight on the Internet it becomes more expensive when you come back later? Many of us think that maybe the offer ended or as the flight has sold well, being a promotion, the Law of supply and demand made it his own, and spent our opportunity.

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What is certain is that new information could be shown that the problem are the cookies of your Internet browsing operating against yours. Sometimes the price difference is minimal, but many other is huge and can hit you in serious your budget.

As we know, cookies are tiny computer files sent by the web sites gather data about you whenever you use a browser. The eternal curse of the Internet, delivery of your information. The issue has been controversial and a lot of sites already notified its users about the use of cookies, although that doesn’t make much of a difference.

This is the list of information that you can obtain the cookies:

  • Your IP address (the number that identifies your device).
  • Your email and email password.
  • Your phone number.
  • The operating system and the browser you use.
  • The web sites you visit.

And how expensive your travels?

The BBC conducted an experiment using two computers, a deleted the cookies, and the other is not. According to the journalist, Harry Kretchmer, who conducted the test, it became clear that “the computer with cookies was statistically more likely to provide a price a little higher.”

Kretchmer says that during the test they looked for repeatedly on both computers at the same time a trip for a family of four people from London to New York in mid-August, in high season. In the search included flights and hotels.

The samples included sites of high demand such as, Opodo and Expedia. The BBC confirmed each of the results to seven times on each page for five hours. The results were not uniform; for example, in there were no differences between the computer ‘clean’ and that she had cookies.

But on Opodo and Expedia found differences in the prices of between 1.5 and up to $ 30 per person, which would involve extra outlay of up to us $ 120 per family.

“At Expedia, four of seven results in the computer with cookies were more expensive. At Opodo, five of seven. But sometimes, there were lower prices in the computer with cookies, so there is not an exact law, although seems to make a difference,” says Kretchmer.

It should be noted that the BBC specified that both Expedia as Opodo assured that do not use Cookies, but they recognised that their prices can change and increase for those who visit your pages several times, and ensure that they are transparent about it.

The companies said that the prices may vary “for various reasons” -without giving details – and that you understand that this may worry some customers.

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