Tuvalu, the country that was to disappear by sea level rise, is growing

The level of the sea leading to rise almost continuously for decades, despite the fact that the climate models predict that the rise should be accelerated. They are in fact the consequences of this sea-level rise is the most serious to the population. And just like that he has chosen the polar bear as an icon of the consequences of warming, despite the fact that in reality their number is increasing and not decreasing, Tuvalu was selected as image of the serious problems that would lead to a world wide acceleration in the pace of that climb, which allowed him to expand his fame beyond being the country with the internet domain .tv.

Tuvalu is a country in the Pacific Ocean formed by atolls and inhabited by 11,000 people were expected to out-uninhabitable over the next century because the sea would claim each time a greater percentage of its territory. But scientists from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, have analyzed the change of coast line on the 101 islands in the nation, in a study published in Nature Communications. And what they say the data seems to contradict the predictions more ominous.

Using data detected remotely, the change is discussed in the last four decades, a period when the sea level locally has risen at twice the global average (approximately 3.90 +/- 0.4 millimeters per year). The results highlight a net increase in the land area in Tuvalu 73.5 hectares (2.9 per cent), despite the increase in the level of the sea. The change in these islands has lacked uniformity, with a 74% increasing and 27% decreasing in size. The results would indicate, according to its authors, that these islands will remain as livable places during the next century.

Already in 2010 the main author of this work, Paul Kench, worked together with researcher Arthur Webb in a similar study of 27 Pacific islands, including Tuvalu, with similar results: only 14% was decreasing in size. As explained then, these atolls are formed from the remains of coral, which have been continued by feeding them without a break during the sea-level rise. The only risk would be that, effectively, increase the rate of thermal expansion of the sea so that it will advance in speed to the acquisition of land.

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