Twitter is positive about approach troll-accounts

Twitter has a troll problem. As a result, the social network as hostile to the book than, for example, Facebook. The company takes now measures against, and the first results appear to be positive.

Sometimes it seems as if the majority of the Twitter users zuurpruimen are who do nothing but complain. Something on Twitter much easier than on Facebook, because people are more anonymous feel. Yet only 1 percent of the accounts, but are reported. Rest of course the nasty behavior of all of the accounts that are not used by other users on Twitter to be indicated.

Twitter now o.a. machine learning in order to problematic tweets and accounts to filter. So there is extra attention on people who have multiple accounts at the same time create, or their e-mail address is not confirm. The chance is greater that they only are out to disrupt the flow of Twitter discussions. To properly assess the situation, also just human hands only.

First step

We test these measures now for a while, and there is already a decline in the number of reported accounts noted. Other users seem so less to get in touch with offensive tweets. According to Twitter, there is still a long way to go and much remains to be learned, but the first steps are in any case.

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