Twitter will prohibit to publish tweets identical automated

Twitter will delete their platform those activities consisting in the simultaneous publication of identical content or very similar for multiple accounts, as well as in the realization, at the same time, actions such as retweet or mark as ‘I like’ to the same publication. Similarly, the social network will not support the automated use of multiple profiles to post the same content.

Twitter has made public the changes in its API oriented to take coordinated actions in the social network using multiple accounts. In a statement, the company has stated that it prohibits “any attempt” to use automation to spread spam, with the aim of addressing the “malicious activity” in the discussions that take place on the platform, putting as an example the elections “in the united States and around the world.”

In this way, Twitter has announced that it is not possible to publish simultaneously contained “identical or substantially similar” from multiple profiles in applications such as its own Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. This measure will apply equally to tweets that have been sent at the same time or that have been programmed for a future outreach. As an alternative, the social network has been recommended to retweet the contents of a single profile with others, provided that the number of accounts that make it “small”.

Twitter will also not allow multiple accounts performing simultaneously actions such as mark as ‘like’, retweet or follow to a certain profile. The platform of microblogging has clarified that the use of “any form of automation,” to publish content identical or similar, or for actions such as the ‘I like’ or the retuiteo, “is not permitted”. For example, applications that coordinate the activity of multiple accounts, and that are used to disseminate certain hashtags “are prohibited”.

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