Uber dropped to 9 thousand drivers in Mexico by quality standards

The company has mentioned that in 2017 it dropped to a total of 9 thousand drivers who do not cumplian with the quality standards of the platform, this due to problems and reports constant of the users.

We must not forget that the company wanted to demonstrate its commitment to the quality and safety of its service in Mexico and other countries, as was recently published by the new actions that it will implement in security issues, however, the company has mentioned that since last year have been more firm with the drivers, which have been banned from the platform to the incrurrir in faults to the terms and conditions of service.

One of the faults most common and most serious was the offer trips out of the application at a lower price, a situation that might seem convenient for some users, however, this type of travel could not be traced by the platform, so that the user could put your security at risk without anyone learning of this event.

As mentioned Saul Crespo, the Communication Manager of Uber Mexico, the platform has a team of experts dedicated to detecting inappropriate behaviors on the part of the drivers, as is the case of travel outside of the application, as well as the constant practice of some drivers to increase deliberately the distance or time of a trip to collect more.

Uber test a new mode of transport in the CDMX with… what“peseros”?

For Saul Crespo, it is vital that the users qualify their trips, because this way they know when a driver is in breach of the standards of quality of service, because when a user qualifies bad a driver, you are asked exactly what had happened.

We must not forget that one of the main problems in this type of services has to do with sexual assaults in the past few months, because in Mexico, it was notoriously the case of Mara Castile in Cabify, whose driver had worked at Uber, and in the united States CNN has published an investigation of cases of sexual abuse and rape on the part of drivers of Uber.

Dara Khosrowshahi, the current CEO of Uber has mentioned on several occasions that the security is the new emblem of the company, so each time will seek to improve the quality and safety of the service in Mexico and other parts of the world.

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