Uber to implement new features to improve the travel

After the fine received by the company Uber, it plans to improve in all aspects possible and especially in those that deal with the multiple cancellations that suffer from the drivers on a daily basis.

The plan that you plan to deploy the company consists of three functions, which were designed to ease the time it is collected to the user and no longer terminate the trip without being uploaded.

In order to avoid that the trip is interrupted, by external issues such as what is the traffic, the crowds of people, or the fact that there are places where parking is for the client to upload, it’s like Uber announcement via a post on his blog that he would implement a trio of solutions.

They claim that to end the discomfort and stress they feel both the passengers as well as drivers at the time of requesting a transfer; this is how they were created Spotlight, the Guarantee of punctuality and default Messages collection.


This tool will serve to avoid confusion among passengers and drivers, since we designate a certain color to both, for the first lift up his cell phone when the car is close and the driver who look for and quickly identify that color. This way you will save time, money and stress because maybe the plates don’t match.

Guarantee of punctuality

This function applies only to trips that were scheduled in advance, since it is to be paid to credit your account for the next transfer that you want to do, if the driver fails or missing at the time you indicated; this form makes your lateness is repaid.

Default messages collection

With this series of posts is planned to make easier the recognition of people that are going to collect, because it will indicate the color of some garments with which you will gown the user at that time or any other detail that need to be noticed, and even as they believe that this is already implemented, the innovation is that these texts are read out aloud by the application itself.

Uber active button 911 in Mexico and new security strategy

By the time these functions, will only be implemented in the united States, but is planned to extend to all of the places where a person takes a trip,

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