Uber and Cabify will have to use metered digital

Yesterday the Semovi (Secretariat of Mobility), announced in the Official Gazette of the City of Mexico a new provision mentions that the enterprises of private transportation that operate with digital platforms like Uber and Cabify should carry a taximeter digital that can be visible to users and drivers.

This new measure must be complied with in a maximum period of 60 calendar days from its pronunciation (Saturday, 18 August 2018), for its part, Uber has mentioned that it will review the changes imposed by the Semovi with his legal team and subsequently will issue information about it.

These meters digital we have already seen in many taxis in the City of Mexico, where they even share the information with a video detailing how they work, and the information that was displayed on the screen, which showed the route of travel, cost, journey time and the panic button that is connected with the 911.

This same information is precisely the one that must show Uber, Cabify and other platforms on the taxi meter, digital, where information should be displayed to the driver and the user.

Uber and Cabify already show this information in their applications, where you can see the estimated cost of the trip, a map of your route, and there is a panic button to be linked directly with the 911.

Uber active button 911 in Mexico and new security strategy

Both companies could argue that this information is already granted to users as well as drivers, although we will have to wait to see if both companies are forced to carry the metered digital as indicated by the Semovi.

Likewise, the agency has requested that the fleet of cars, Uber and Cabify are subjected to a validation vehicle annual is supervised by the Semovi, all to validate the state of the vehicles provided for the transportation of private trips.

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