A riddle a mathematician that will test the ingenuity of the adults

Children, unlike adults, solve this riddle successfully. Do you want to test your strength and find the answer to this game is simple and complicated at the same time? Then, this article is for you.

Great.guru invites you to have fun and strengthen your brain at the same time.

The figures, decided to make a costume party and they dressed up as animals. The same numbers were the same costumes, and the different chose various clothes.

You need to discover: what is the sum of the figures in the guise of tiger, lion and panther?

If you’re not sure of your result, you can check the correct answer below.

Correct answer: 12

Two two-digit numbers when added together must give one of three digits the same. This can only happen with the 111 (the numbers of two figures ever give you the sum of 222, 333 etc).

So, XX + XY = 111.

At the same time, X does not equal 1, nor 2, nor 3, not even 4 (otherwise, the sum could not give as a result 111). If you put 6 or more, the account would exceed the number.

Now let’s try it with five. 55 + X = 111. X = 56.

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