An insurance agent simply wanted to lose weight, but it changed her life completely in the process

We all love the stories of cinderella story, where everything changes, as if it were by order of the magic wand. But let’s be honest, we are encouraged the heroes forged by themselves. The history of Gwilym Pugh is more than a fairy tale on the sport, the fame and fashionable image. It is know rush, get out of your comfort zone and dipping your head in changes.

Today, in we tell the story of this 33 year old man, Gwilym Pugh, who went from being an insurance agent to become a star on Instagram because of the amazing changes that you made in your life.

It was 11 years, the daily routine of Gwilym consisted in the management of a small insurance company in the bedroom of your own home. A sedentary job which, in addition to the low chance of working out after a knee injury, and the absence of meticulousness about their style of life, made the young boy approximately weighs 125 kilograms.

However, you can’t say that he was very happy with his life.

Speaking of moments, Gwilym points out that in his business everything was going well. However, once he decided to seriously take care of your health: your lifestyle I began to worry about really.

Solving this problem little by little, Gwilym was inspired by the idea of the creation of a folk group along with her best friends. Fortunately, this thought came out of the limits of the tests in the garage, and they really invested a lot of effort into their concerts. So this man was left to grow the beard to change a bit your look: this was the pass to the world of fashion for the young and became a staple of his style.

In accordance with his new look, the musician decided to meticulously analyze his life, but the most significant event was the realization that I had to quit your sedentary job. “This was the best thing I could have ever done for my health”, says Gwilym.

The young tranformado created an account on Instagram, where his bright look was noticed by the famous tailor from Wales, Nathan Palmer. Filled him with great deals: Gwilym signed a contract with the main agencies in london fashion as AMCK Models, appeared in the pages of GQ, collaborated with Vans, Bud Light, Diesel oil, and the cherry on the cake was a work with David Beckham: now this man is the face of the brand new care male House 99.

Reflecting on the fame newly obtained, Gwylim believes that, after many years of working in the financial sector, he is shocked by the possibility of working with creative people and travel all around the world.

“I think I was lucky to start working in this profession at this age. I try not to let me influence by fame, and my girlfriend helps me a lot in this.”

When you find a new passion for the pictures, Gwilym is expected to launch its own project based on pictures taken during their multiple trips.

The history of Gwylim is an eloquent example of the fact that the decision to take care of your health is able to become the first piece of a chain of incredible events. So it happens, although it does not aspire to anything substantial. In your life, have you had any exciting changes? I share them with us!

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