An algorithm determines which are the 20 songs more danceable from the 50’s

All human beings, absolutely all of us have one or more songs that makes you dance or even move the foot and the head, because their sounds, melodies and/or lyrics encourage you to do so regardless of the place in which they are located.

There are occasions in which it is danced with the songs of the moment, but there are many others in which the topics of “oldies” make one stop to dance with or without a partner, on a track or in the car while driving on the road.

Until a couple of years ago was not understood how it was that worked the popularity of these topics, but today the secret has been revealed thanks to the study conducted by the Columbia Business School and INSEAD (European Institute of Administration and Business).

To know, that song may become a success and to transcend the barrier of time and generation gaps, we used the audio-technology Echonest, a device developed by the students of the MIT Media Lab and the streaming Spotify.

With the Echonest is processed in a digital way some songs to know what was the variable that towards popular and dance to a song, therefore we identified the duration, the rhythm, the instrumentation and the musical note.

The results showed that the songs must have rhythm, in all the time that hard, then dance to the people, without getting tired immediately, this to become official anthems of the holiday and not forgotten.

Spotify will help you find festivals according to the music you listen to

Based on this algorithm, is how the researchers tested what were the characteristics that they had in common all of the topics that were a hit in the lists of Billboard in the united States since 1958.

In all of them it was discovered that the factor they had in common, it was just the bridge that made the melody does not stop for a good time, making people stop to dance and release endorphins, which in a nutshell means, that you put happy at the time to listen to the song in question.

Therefore, the 20 songs more danceable ejected by the Echonest are the following:

  • Give It To Me-Timbaland (2007)
  • SexyBackJustin-Timberlake (2006)
  • Hot In Herre-Nelly (2002)
  • Ice Ice Baby-Vanilla Ice (1990)
  • Pop Muzik-M (1979)
  • Another One Bites The Dust-Queen (1980)
  • Funkytown-Lipps, Inc. (1980)
  • Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down-Puff Daddy (1997)
  • Baby Got Back-Sir Mix-A-Lot (1992)
  • Billie Jean – Michael Jackson (1983)
  • Bad Girls-Donna Summer (1979)
  • I’ll Be Missing You-Puff Daddy & Faith Evans (1997)
  • Hollaback Girl-Gwen Stefani (2005)
  • Fancy-Iggy Azalea (2014)
  • Then Came You-Dionne Warwick (1974)
  • Boogie Fever-Sylvers (1976)
  • Low-Flo Rida (2008)
  • Hypnotize-Notorious B. I. G. (1997)
  • It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me-Billy Joel (1980)
  • In Da Club-50 Cent (2003) and Partners.

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