A Spanish artist draws illustrations accurate about life, and his characters love to all at first sight

Nacho Díaz Arjona, a Spanish artist, makes cute sketches about the frustrations of your day-to-day and shares it with your subscribers in your account of Instagram, Naolito. In total, 300 thousand people have already become fans of his simple but charming illustrations, and that has allowed him to successfully launch your own site and a brand of various accessories decorated with their characters.

Great.guru could not pass over these brilliant drawings that, in addition to being adorable, they describe our life with a precision enviable, without leaving aside a reasonable share of humor. So collect 15 recent illustrations and popular artist for you to watch and laugh with us.

15. Before and after training

14. How do you feel the passage of time with friends and at work?

13. Before and after of a party

12. How to wear the majority of the film adaptations of our favorite books?

11. Before and after the first day at the beach

10. Before and after a cup of coffee

9. “Social death”

8. Before and after eating at a free buffet

7. What frightens us in the childhood and in adulthood

6. “Guys, we’re lost!”

5. Before and after shaving

4. Before and after the first day in the gym

3. “Is it hot outside?”

2. Before and after sleeping

1. Before and after back to school

We really liked the humor and the unconventional approach that uses the artist to portray situations and things familiar to all. What you can think of other interesting ideas to make images in this format? It tell us in the comments!

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