A japanese artist draws the emotions that we have all felt but have not been able to express with words

Japanese artist who works under the pseudonym of avogado6 little is known. It is known that he likes the chemistry and you have in your avatar the portrait of the famous Italian scientist Avogadro, but in the works of this mysterious illustrator you will not see formulas boring, only you’ll find colorful images that portray the human feelings typical. Many of these feelings are difficult to describe with words, so it is best to see them. Because how is it possible to draw so that you can’t even express with words?

Today, Great.guru compiled the 20 illustrations from this talented artist. Watch and share your thoughts in the comments.

When you are trying to preserve something that belongs to the past

Only the wings are tired to cause us


Sometimes you don’t want to be more than butter smeared on a loaf of bread

I got tired. I burned

I can not gather my forces

Time has no mercy

I’m fine. Oh totally!

Frailty amazing

When you are exhausted the batteries

A trap

Closed heart

And time again time

Too many words


Me and my injury

When the eyes are crossed

When you feel that work makes you absorbs the life

And only in the network you feel happy and successful

The gap in education

Bonus: in this picture we can realize that the artist is a chemist. The filtration in action

What is the illustration that you liked the most? Have you ever felt this type of emotions that are difficult to describe with words? It gives us a lot of curiosity!

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