A cook of Great Britain prepares dishes that you wouldn’t dare to try, but you should do it

Ben Churchill, a chef from the Uk, it is a true illusionist culinary whose passion is pastry. Creates desserts unique to expand the boundaries of consciousness, because in its exterior are completely different from the candy that we are used to seeing.

Great.guru has chosen the culinary masterpieces more amazing Ben for mostrártelas, which will make you doubt what you see.

1. Tangerine rotten

It really is: a parfait of orange-glazed mirror, and powdered meringue.

2. Toast with fried eggs

It really is:a sponge cake of lemon, sour cream and lemon marmalade.

3. Ashtray

It really is: panacota with vanilla, chocolate, powdered meringue, and a gel pastry.

4. A pineapple

It really is: chocolate truffle with rosemary, toasted almonds and powdered sugar.

5. Amanita

It really is: chocolate ganache, thyme and merengue.

6. Pasta with meatballs

It really is: marmalade of watermelon, strawberry, brownie, chocolate, white and black.

7. Heart

It really is: cookies, strawberries, coconut gel and confectionery.

8. Beet in a pot

It really is: chocolate cake and beetroot, grated chocolate and a pot of chocolate.

9. Snitch dorada

It really is: pastry ginger, jam, banana and chocolate.

10. Mushrooms white

It really is: meringue, coconut and chocolate cake.

11. Plate with cheeses

It really is: cheesecake, lemon panacota with vanilla, white chocolate and chutney grape (sauce).

12. Cheesecake moldy

It really is: cheesecake vanilla with a layer of mint.

13. Lemon

It really is: panacota lemon, lemon sorbet with green tea and jasmine.

14. Screws and nuts

It really is: chocolate, banana caramel, sponge cake and vanilla ice cream.

15. Coconut

It really is: coconut macaroons, chocolate, and cocoa.

16. Can rusty with paint

It really is: dark chocolate, white chocolate and cocoa.

17. The crystal dragon

It really is: candy gel and confectionary flavored chewing gum.

18. The Iron Throne

It really is: chocolate cake, chocolate and pollen edible.

Which of these desserts you dare to eat without knowing their true ingredients?

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