A detail of Infinity War unleashes new theories about Captain Marvel

The film saga of the Avengers continues its step towards its denouement the next year with Avengers 4, and in the meanwhile, one of the biggest releases will be the debut of Captain Marvel, one of the most powerful figures in Marvel that llagará to the big screen, embodied by Brie Larson.

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The new and very specific detail appears on the digital version of the tape, it seems to be an easter egg that makes reference to Captain Marvel in Infinity War (another, in addition to the post-credits scene that we all saw).

This wink appears during the scene in which Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw are in New York ready to face Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Bruce Banner. And is that several fans could not help noticing that in the waist ed Full Obsidian portal is a canvas with the colors of Captain Marvel, and indeed it seems to be his suit.

According to us report Chilango, the image gives rise to new theories about Captain Marvel. One of them says that this reference may mean that Carol Danvers and the Cull Obsidian are known and even, probably, faced one another.

But this detail of Captain Marvel in Infinity War tells us that, by the way in which Obsidian was carrying the canvas, surely it was he who came out the winner in that fight.

The movie of Captain Marvel is developed in the nineties and have parties in the space. This only increases the speculation, well, that battle sure took place in the past. What will we see in the film?

However, there are other theories that say that the canvas belongs to Mar-Vell. He is the Captain Marvel’s original and who gives his powers to Carol. The colors of his costume are the same, nothing more than in another order.

We will know more of him in the movie of Captain Marvel. Jude Law will be in charge of interpreting Walter Lawson, aka Mar-Vell. But the easter egg in the Infinity War could mean that Obsidian could have a very important role in life (or death) of this superhero.

Although, as any theory, has its detractors. For example, the site Screen Rant mentioned that beyond being a reference to heroin, all of this is a mere optical illusion.

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