A man who ate sushi daily had a worm a metre and a half in your gut

Members of the Community Regional Medical Center Fresno, California, have reported a case that may be not suitable for the squeamish. This is a patient who was suffering from a stomach upset, and that she suffered from diarrhoea very strong that they lasted even days. Despite this, the man tried to live with a similar intestinal disorder until one day, when you go to the bathroom, he felt something stirring inside her. His first impression was that his guts were about to escape from his body. And, in fact, noticed something abnormal gushing out of your anus. Grabbed it with the hand and then discovered that it was a parasite huge.

The man went to the nearest medical centre, and there the doctors he had a worm’s gut and a half metres in size. Once committed to the urgency, the specialists tried to figure out how he had been able to reach such a parasite to the body of the patient, and discovered that the cause was their diet, because the man confessed that he ate sushi every day.

The sushi is a recipe that is prepared with raw fish, and that can be a pathway for the spread of various parasites. The most well known is the anisakis, but the flesh of the fish can also transmit other as flatworms, a type of flatworms, to which belonged the that infected the protagonist of this case.

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