What a phone that will simulate be you?, so it would be the new smartphone from the creator of Android

Many smartphones have been released in these months, but there are none like the one that is developing Essential Products Inc, the company of the creator of Android, Andy Rubin, because your phone will simulate the user to do everything like him.

Sounds like a far-fetched idea, but after knowing the reason of this ceases to be so: we are looking for people to use each time less a mobile, because it believes that they are causing irreversible damage.

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According to information of Bloomberg, the new device would break the relationship codependent individuals with their smartphones, as well as that will simulate being the user, you will have a small screen that can only be checked by means of the voice.

The latter is for use in the essential, that is communication with other people and leave aside the content generated on social networks, apps, and video platforms.

So are the new batteries of the future for smartphones Huawei

Based on this, we will have a phone that will use Artificial Intelligence that will be understood and will imitate the behavior of the user to be able to perform simple tasks, but day-to-day as the respond to text messages, answer emails and make calendar events.

So while, will have to wait for your first prototype of phone that will simulate to be you at the end of this year, which is the date on which the company has said that it will end.

What a phone that will simulate being you, is a phone of the future?

The same Andy Rubin was the one who said that this device, has the mission of being a virtual version of the people, which will make you able to enjoy a myriad of activities without having to be glued to the phone.

In addition to that you want to reduce the addictive behavior generated by the smartphones and only do them harm to users, then with all these benefits we can say that so will be the phones of the future, something similar to what you saw in the movies years ago, only without all the hardware that you like, and call the attention of the people.

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