A japanese grandmother takes a photo of a girl with her dog, and the results melt your heart

Mame is a little girl of 2 years who she loves to play with Riku, a dog of poodle breed that is part of your family. Although they have not been together for a long time, have already become inseparable. The grandmother of a Mame capture the moments that you are together and uploads it on his account of Instagram to share the images with everyone. In addition to Riku, she also has two other poodles, Gaku and Qoo.

Great.guru wants to take you to make a small trip with these friends, inseparable so cute that will make you say “Awww”.

1. The French friends

2. Have a sense of fashion, very similar

3. The duo of Halloween

4. The duo of Christmas

5. And the best cosplay of Wally is for…

6. It’s cold outside

7. The friend of the kicker

8. Gaku joined the party

9. Riku has a home now

10. This photograph will excite more than all

11. The princess Monokoke (do a Google search!)

12. “The war of the galaxies” Halloween release

13. More Halloween!

14. Merry Christmas!

15. Mame-Chan is going to leave

16. Riku is taking Mame to take a walk with a basket

17. Sweet kisses

18. Start of the season of rice balls

19. We are going to see the fireworks!

20. It looks like they are negotiating something

21. Today is gardening day, so… let’s work!!!

22. Oh, ternuritas…

23. Which is it?

24. It is enough drawing for today, let’s take a break

25. A life in bloom

And there are many more photos of these friends on Instagram! Share these images adorable with all that you can, so conmoverás more hearts.

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