A girl asked a stranger to sit in another seat on the plane and accidentally changed his destination

The american Rosey Blair, along with her boyfriend, returning to his home in Dallas. But to his great chagrin, the carrier is not placed together in the plane. Then Rosey asked a stranger, which was flying alone, switch places, and jokingly said that her new neighbor may become the love of his life. However, no one could have imagined that the joke would turn out to be a prophecy, and the same Rosey accidentally act as a cupid for the two lovers.

On Twitter, this story was collected 833 thousand “likes”, 333 thousand “shares”, and 10 thousand comments. That is why the day of today Great.guru wants to tell you about it.

After Rosey switched places with an unknown, she noticed that among the two passengers had begun a lively conversation. Ahead was a flight of boring, so Rosey involuntarily began to listen and to convey all that I heard, courtesy of a-hour free wifi that was available.

“We were not sitting next to each other, so we asked our co-chairs if we could switch places, and now they are ¡¡¡FLIRTING!!! Both are sensual, they are talking and talking, smiling, and we haven’t even left the runway. I hope you fall in love with!”.

“Guess, they have been talking non-stop since we took off. Both are personal trainers. You have touched his arms a couple of times. The two are vegetarian”.

“There is No wedding rings in sight!”.

“The detective Rosey” observed the couple without taking off the sight of them, and came to the conclusion that they looked very well together.

“She is beautiful”.

“He is handsome”.

“We’re excited.”

“She went to the bathroom with a tail of horse, and now came back with the loose hair. You are asking some tips about fitness”.

“Far more near”.

After that, Rosey, he noticed that they were showing each other family photos.

Him: “this is my mother.”
She: “my God, your mom is so beautiful”.

“Now she is also teaching family photos”.

While more transmitting Rosey, more people joined the Internet to view it. Soon thousands of users began to worry for the couple in love and wanted to see how it would end up everything. The people sitting in front of the screens with a glass of wine and snacks without having the strength to detach from what was going on. A girl even took the phone with you to the shower so as not to miss anything. When Rosey is out of their free internet, she bought more time so as not to deprive the spectators of such a pleasure.

“She just put down a second his head over his shoulder”. “Yes, girl, just do it!”.

“We’re intrigued”.

“Urgent news. They went to the bathroom at the same time”.

The battery Rosey was unloaded and the plane had to land soon.

“They came back from the bathroom and now they are cleaning up together in their seats, helping each other”.

“They started to talk about what they want in life. Get married, have children, and, among other things, he said he has been too busy time and I haven’t thought of in a sexual relationship. That is all that I hear, because they’re talking in low voices”.

Both of them began to follow on Instagram, and then the plane landed. They came out, they were together, and it seemed that her story was just beginning.

When you get home, Rosey could not calm down until he found this couple on Instagram, and promised to track them daily to see what ends up her own, since she made happy two.

And here is Rosey with her boyfriend

Bonus. A Twitter user shared a picture of their plane tickets with Rosey and wrote: “I met my wonderful wife on a plane. Our seats were together, and we have already spent 10 years living as a couple”

Let’s hope that the lovers of our article to have a happy destiny. Miracles do happen! Do you believe in them?

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