A girl who has lived for more than 6 years in Vietnam has much to tell us about this country

Vietnam is one of the countries that is not yet chosen as a destination for vacation for many tourists from all over the world, despite all it has to offer. Here there is everything for a relaxing spectacular: comfortable hotels, places of interest, unique and a local cuisine that will leave an indelible mark on the soul of any lover of gourmet food. However, when visiting Vietnam, it is necessary to know some national characteristics that, although they represent a local flavor, are able to impress unpleasantly to a foreigner off guard.

Great.guru met interesting facts about Vietnam that you will come well to travellers who are interested in visiting this asian country.

To understand the local characteristics of the life here, helped us Snezhana, a girl who has lived for more than 6 years in Vietnam. She will share some of their experiences and the things that may be of interest to travelers about this country.


The first meeting with the local people you can seem to hear the same last name. And this is not a deception on the part of your ear, close to 40 per cent of the population of Vietnam bears the surname Nguyen (“Nguyễn”) and 11 per cent the last name “Tran”.

Personal space

“Don’t forget this when you’re in Vietnam”, we advised our friend.

  • In the public transport, the vietnamese necessarily sit close to other passengers. Never take on an empty seat in the rows of the side.
  • In apartment buildings, it is normal that the doors of the houses are wide open. And, if they are closed, then your neighbors may start to worry and ask you if everything is ok.
  • The great houses are equipped with windows without any curtains or windows.
  • No one will respect the distance so to speak. Your partner vietnamese to come too close to you, as if I’d tell you something in secret.
  • And if you have the good fortune to be in a row, then you’ll be prepared for your “neighbors” closer you walked on your heels or are recharged towards thee with his whole body. And yes, the row is a vague concept. All of the people here seek to occupy a place as close to the goal.

Uncomfortable questions

Ask at the first meeting, how old are you and how much money you earn, it is normal for a polite conversation in vietnamese. The matter is that the people of Vietnam I sincerely believe that with such questions encourage conversation and to show the sincerity of the interest in a person.

Always say “yes”

The vietnamese simply do not want to say “no”. And, if the favor you’re asking for is not entirely clear to your partner, then you will only receive a “yes” in affirming with the head. Absolutely nothing more. The best advice in this case is to monitor with care the reactions and the look of the one you’re asking your favor: a smile simply reflects at the moment a lack of understanding.


The timeliness of Vietnam surely is not considered a national characteristic. If the local inhabitants you promise to do something for you in “5 minutes” or “tomorrow”, then the fulfillment of his promise will probably be postponed for an indefinite period of time.


When you arrive to Vietnam, you have to be prepared to many coffee shops, and street throw the garbage directly under the table. Recently, to cope with this phenomenon, the owners of the establishments they began to install special containers.

Tourists are often impressed by the behavior of some men vietnamese who make their small needs in any place of the street.


About 100 years ago, black teeth were considered as the main attribute of beauty of vietnamese women. The reason for this was a widespread belief that black teeth protected of bad luck, and the deterioration, and the white teeth that were inappropriate. Even now, you can find inhabitants vietnamese that call the attention of the aliens with their black teeth.


As in many countries of Asia, vietnamese women consider white skin extremely attractive. Precisely for this reason, with the arrival of sunny days, they hide from the rays of the sun with all the possible methods. Above the clothes, they often wear long skirts, long gloves, masks and sweaters with long sleeves, even if in the street there is an unbearable heat. The mask also performs another important function: to protect the dust when you move around on a motorcycle.


If a man has long fingernails, it means that he can afford not to work in the fields or in some other poorly paid work. Many men in Vietnam are eager to show your status with this method is not very ingenious. Often, they are left to grow a toenail on the pinky finger, but there are rare exclusions in which all the nails of the hand are long. However, all the problems of the home, including the possibility of holding a spoon, are designated to the spouse.


  • The vietnamese eat almost everything that moves: bats, dogs, rats and mice and even crocodiles, turtles, snakes, stingrays, and the duck embryo developed in their eggs. However, the food most common remains the rice in all kinds of variants of preparation.
  • At the same time, the people of Vietnam are very sweet tooth and add sugar to almost any dish, starting with milk and ending with the meat.
  • Don’t forget the special fish sauce “Nước mắm” the preparation of which is fish that has been in the sun under pressure by 9 months.
  • Let’s not leave aside the surprising and particular wine snake, obtained from the conservation of snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol.
  • And many of those who have been in Vietnam recall the special recipe of coffee with condensed milk.


In 2003, to replace the banknotes of cotton, came the polymer is synthetic. With these tickets, it is possible to get into the water without any concern. And its good relations with the former USSR demonstrate this even with the help of pictures on the notes: in the notes of 10 dong 1976 is printed in a tractor TDT-40 produced by Onego Tractor Plant; and a ticket of 200 dong, 1987, a tractor “Belarus”.


The vietnamese love the sport. Mainly, they enjoy popularity the football and sepak takraw, which is similar to volleyball. The only difference is that in this you can only use your feet.


“And how do you relax? I do not effort to do this”, this is very similar to the way of life of the vietnamese. Júzgalo for yourself: at 12:00 on the day, they take a nap of 3 hours. Most of the shops are closed, the workers of the offices they sleep directly on the chairs or lie down on the floor in sleeping bags. It is worth noting that the vast majority of the vietnamese wakes up at 5 or 6 in the morning and, to the food, they get to do many things.

The vietnamese are in charge of those who have to travel in bus for a long time. Here, on routes between cities, circulate the sleeper bus two levels, with places to sleep.

Despite all these strange things to a person traditional western, Vietnam left an indelible impression.

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