A company of accessories reveals the design of the Galaxy Note 9

Officially we’ll meet the next Galaxy Note 9 in the city of New York on the 9th day of August, but as the date arrives, it is likely to be leaked specs, design and images of the new Samsung phone, and a manufacturer of accessories has taken the first step, revealing how will be the design of this phone.

This is something very common in the industry, in fact the same happened in his time with the Note 8, when Olixar leaked casings for the equipment before your presentation.

Well, the accessory manufacturer has done it again, and because of that the covers of the Galaxy Note 8 revealed the design as is and as was presented in his time, we can think that the covers of the Galaxy Note 9 also show the final design of the equipment.

As had been rumored, the front of the Galaxy Note 9 it seems that you will have a better screen used, although the difference might not be as noticeable to most users.

Circulating images of the colors of the Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung with Android Go

But where yes there will be a significant change it is in the back because the dual camera will continue to be one of its main features, but the fingerprint sensor will be placed beneath the sensors, and not to one side as in the current model.

Another detail that confirms the image of Olixar (and also expected) is the button dedicated to turn Bixby, who appeared for the first time with the S8, and which has remained in the high-end models of the company.

Now it only remains to wait for the official presentation, where of course the team of Unocero will take all the details from the city of New York.

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