A diet rich in eggs is not fattening and it is not dangerous to the heart

We had always said that it had to be moderate with the consumption of eggs. But a new study appears to overturn that belief. The research has been carried out by the University of Sydney, and according to their results eating twelve eggs a week is not an increase in cardiovascular risk.

The research was conducted with volunteers who were trying to maintain their weight and also with others who were trying to bring it down. The participants were divided into two groups: those who followed a diet rich in eggs, and that led to another floor, eating only two eggs per week.

And, at the end of a year, the authors of the study did not detect changes in markers of cardiovascular risk in none of the two groups. Even among those who had type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, there was no gain of extra weight among those who consumed the diet rich in eggs.

Anyway, it is necessary to have caution with the studies on nutritional issues, as this is not the first time that a number of investigations to yield results contradictory.

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