A company of Elche receives two million of european funding to develop a space rocket

The company PLD Space, the Science Park of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche (Alicante), has been awarded a grant of approximately two million euros that will enable it to continue with the project “Arion” for the development of launchers spatial reusable and its marketing at the european level.

In declarations to Europa Press, the ceo and founder of PLD Space, Raul Torres, explained that this project served to launch experiments and small payloads of scientific space. “You can develop technology in the space. Currently used missiles to do so, our alternative is to make a rocket, and commercial reusable, so that the cost is reduced quite a bit” reported.

In Spain we are pioneers. No one has projected a pitcher privately. In the years 70 and 80 the National Institute of Aerospace technology carried out launches from Spain to the space using missiles, but has never developed a rocket that can launch this type of technology to the space or in the future be able to launch satellites,” noted the founder of PLD Space.

The CEO and co-founder of PLD Space, Raul Torres, has pointed out that thanks to this cash injection the company has been strengthened: “we’re much closer to developing a space rocket that would allow Spain to have the capacity to launch scientific and commercial space. It is an opportunity that you only have, currently, ten countries in all the world“.

Astronauts advisors

The company elche has also received the support of personalities of importance in the space industry such as Franco Malerba, the first astronaut in the history of Italy, which flew on the NASA space shuttle on mission STS-46.

Malerba, who has also been a member of the European Parliament, has brought in during 2017 their knowledge and experience to the company thus contributing to the visibility of PLD Space. The astronaut will continue advising these entrepreneurs during the next phase of the call. In addition, the company provides for a possible collaboration with other european astronauts that could be added to the project ARION in an advisory capacity.

In addition, the company of the Science Park of the UMH has received technical advice and programs of the Division of European Programmes of the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) belonging to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, Government of Spain.

PLD Space is a technology company with a Spanish space sector, focused on the development of rockets reusable liquid fuel. The first of them, ARION 1, it will be used for the commercial release of loads of payment suborbital scientific research and technology development in microgravity conditions. The evolution of ARION 1, the rocket orbital ARION 2, will be used for the launch to low-earth orbit of small satellites, a market that is projected to grow to eight billion in 2020.

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