A stylist French revealed 3 principles to build a locker room to never have a boring styling

Anyone can dress elegantly and a little boring, and to do this, you need to become a fashion blogger obsessed with fashion. If your eternal love are jeans and t-shirts, even so, can look interesting and not get lost in the crowd. The important thing is to know some simple rules of combination of clothes, thanks to which, every look will be memorable, but not so exaggerated.

Great.guru has decided to find out how to revive any wardrobe in a couple of minutes, spending a minimum of effort.

The blog of a young Russian named Victoria Lunina helped us to understand the ins and outs of a harmonious combination of clothing. She is a stylist and a fan of the parisian style, as it takes many years living in France. It continues reading to know what it is that Victoria advised all those who want to bring a bit of variety to your wardrobe!

1. The base

The base, or a cloakroom of base of clothing, it is a certain set of things that we use on a daily basis. Each garment of this group must stay perfectly well and be harmonious with your overall look.

Things base include:

  • Jackets jean, and other simple.
  • Jeans, shorts, and simple.
  • Common running shoes, sandals and other types of shoes little flashy.
  • Shirts simple t-shirts and tops.
  • Plain clothes made of cotton or linen.
  • Knitted garments, basic.
  • Portfolios simple without any colorful details.

2. Accents

The accents are those things that draw attention in every look. Not necessarily the objects are expensive, but that differentiate us from the crowd. You do not have to be an item of clothing or an accessory, it can also be the hairstyle and the makeup, for example, the red lipstick.

This category includes:

  • Shoes or designer high heels.
  • Portfolios are expensive or that have an unusual design, like bright colors.
  • Costume jewellery is bright and in quantity.
  • Dresses and jackets-cut structural, for example, dresses tube.
  • Dresses and tops at night.
  • Dresses, tops and blouses with prints, lace, ruffles and other decorative details.
  • Any hit of the season.

3. The combination

The most important rule of a wardrobe bit boring is the balance and the proper disposal of things base and accents.

Clothing base and accessories accent

The easiest way to diversify a wardrobe base is to add elements of accent to the face and décolletage area, and also select shoes, belts or wallets eye-catching. The main rule is the following: if you use shoes accent, then the bag should be simple, and vice versa. Never the two things at the same time.

Clothing, accent and accessories, of base

The option to reverse is when the dresses, complex and colorful prints are complemented with simple accessories and calm.

Top of base and bottom accent, and vice versa

To not look too common, colorful dresses you can combine with hairstyles casual, and shirts and t-shirts simple with a red lipstick. Don’t forget the contrasts between the different areas to make the costume interesting.

4. The practice

For the enforcement of these rules becomes a habit, Victory advised to begin with simple things:

  • Add jewelry and shoes to accent your combinations of base every time you go to work or take a coffee with someone.
  • Make a review of your wardrobe and check if you have enough of a base.
  • Remember that you should not missing accents: imitation jewellery, scarves, shoes and handbags colorful.

And now is the time to leave the zone of the comfortable things and to complement your look usual with something colorful and memorable. I dare to change!

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