A printer that refused to print and the technical support of the manufacturer

A few months ago I gave away a HP printer, model 3775, which is inkjet, print color and black-and-white, and in addition, it is wireless. Once desempacada, I installed it and using the disc that came I installed the “driver”, the program that allows you to manage the printer from Windows, in this case in its version 10.

It all seemed to work well. I did a couple of tests and everything proceeded as expected. Once this is done I forgot about it and just waited for the time of having to print something. And that day came and the printer refused to work. Marked “out of line”. Nothing could change this state. Then I armed myself in patience: desinstalé the handle. What reinstalé. I went to the HP site and I downloaded a program to diagnose the difficulty of the printer. After you follow a series of steps, the printer seemed to work, but only printed a couple of sheets and returned to his message of “out of line”. Nothing more I could do.

I reported the problem to HP via Twitter at @HPSupport and I had an exchange of messages with someone who suggested to me a series of steps to solve the problem. Again, the difficulty was resolved to print a sheet more, but after that everything became silence of the device. Then I wrote again and they told me that they would speak with the tech support people from my region. In 4 days I would speak.

But spent the whole week, and no one spoke to me. I contacted again via Twitter with @HPSupport and I returned to say they would see what was happening and that I would call in 4 days… Thing that didn’t happen. Again, write to them, I told them that if they didn’t have support in my region, it’s better for me to say it, because so best not to lost my time.

My experience with HP technical support in Mexico

And then I indicated that yes, now I know better than to speak, and actually spoke to me. Was Maria Diaz, of technical support in Spanish, who was in charge of the case and with whom, eventually, I agreed to be on my computer (other machine HP all in one 18) and with the bad-front cover printer. Then Mary asked me to connect to a site, to come down and installed an application, giving me a number that was generated at that time. This is done, Maria Diaz took remote control of my computer. By phone he told me that he would not touch you would not see any of my files, and that would have to check my machine to see how to solve the problem.

He was maybe about 40 minutes, and I saw pass the mouse around the screen, give clicks here to there, opening and closing windows, go to the registry, delete entries, etc. He asked Me at some point that he should put the original disc of the driver on the drive of compact discs. Reinstalled the driver. Did a variety of things and surprise, at the end of the printer as the printer began to work.

Mary told me to inform him if I had any difficulty. I thanked him for his effort, and until now, I have done a couple of prints, everything has worked out great. Without a doubt, now yes the technical support fulfilled with what one would expect and not only remains for me to thank you enough for the effort you made ara to fix the problems. I report all of this that happened to me to show that it is not always the end is not happy.

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