A young family decided to raise his 5 children away from the hustle and bustle of the city and related his experience

Jodi Mockabee is a mother of five children, a talented photographer, designer and a wonderful home and organising a school home. Since childhood, he has dreamed of to spend more time with his large family, and live in the nature. And his dream finally became a reality.

Great.guru shares with you his curious history, as well as some incredible photos that illustrate the family happiness of having a life-style so much fun.

The story of the love

Jodi and her future husband, Jason, were raised in conservative families, were students and exemplary workers. After graduating from college, before it was known, both dreamed of having a home of their own and a family life. They met in a bar, where they began talking, and… they fell in love.

The couple organized a wedding humble and went on honeymoon to the Mediterranean sea. Jodie agree that at that time both of them felt so subconscious that soon could not travel. And it is true, the responsibility for his family affects his personal time, but even so, they have quite a few adventures in life.

The beginning of the family history

In march of 2006, Jodi gave birth to their first child: Carter, and a year later, the second one called Everett. In both cases, the pregnancy and delivery were complicated, and she needed the help of surgeons. In 2010, she gave birth to her third child: a girl, Scarlett. On that occasion, everything was easy and without pain. Jodi was able to bring it to the world in his home, which was his dream, and he was helped by his loved ones.

For then, the family Mockabee had already managed to move several times. Finally, they decided to sell their home in Northern California and installed in Southern California, near the hometown of Jodi. Both were attracted by the life in the village, so they bought a small ranch far from the city.

New home and growing family

Although Jodi and Jason got a home economic in a perfect place, this needed a lot of repairs. She recalls that the room seemed to basements and the furniture were very old. Decided to make a profound remodeling that had to be completed with the little budget that they had, combining the works with the raising of three children.

But I expected a pleasant surprise: Jodi again became pregnant and at the end of 2011 gave birth to two beautiful children: Elias and August.

The main part of the budget devoted to the works was employed to remodel the kitchen. Jodi bought new furniture, including a large table where children can do their homework also. The kitchen is combined with the living room: in this way, they now have a house more wide. The pair made some of the furniture on your own, finding the materials in the surrounding woodland. The living room window has a great view and the family loves to spend the evenings there, enjoying the sunset.

Jodi admits that she didn’t have time or money to go to the shops and choose what she liked. He learned to do everything on her own and her husband helped him with that. Instead of a hardwood floor is expensive, they put sheets of plywood, and with the remaining material made tables.

To save, sometimes exchanged services. For example, a lord made him free of charge beds for children, based on the designs of her, and She, in turn, photographed free your wedding. Another person that helped him with the stairs of the house, we did a family portrait.

For the space in the small house that would reach to all, Jodi decided to transform the garage in the room for your older children. The bunk beds save space and the children love.

In the fourth of the twins, as in the rest of the house, there are many things made by hand. Some of them were found in the street and restored. In the beds of the children, Jodi decided to record the sayings of their favorite poems and the ornaments of the walls were made along with the children. They are also involved in the decoration of the home, producing the accessories of natural materials, because they can go directly to the forest through the back door.

The fourth of Scarlett is the dream of many girls. Basically, all the elements of the decoration were made by Jodi in person.

Education home

It was not immediately that Jodi opted for education at home. At first, her older children were going to a common school, the same where he studied it. They liked to attend there, but at some point the woman understood that I wanted to spend more time with their children and find a rhythm and system of education suitable. “I didn’t want to leave my children in the school and complain that he didn’t have time to prepare breakfast,” recalls Jodi.

Go to the education home was not easy: to begin with, Jodi had to study tons of information. For some years, he experimented with different methods and continues to do so to date, but highlights that it does not become attached to any system in particular. If your children are involved in an educational game, Jodi does not interrupt the process even if this will make your planning should change. Children like to study at home, receive all the necessary knowledge and do so with gusto. Do not have deficiencies of communication do not: they meet with their friends who live in the ranches, neighbors, or attending extracurricular classes.

Each summer, She plans a varied programme for the whole year, set goals and objectives. It also makes the schedule of classes for each week. Creativity has a lot of importance in education: all the children love to draw and do crafts. There are also compulsory classes, for example, English, math, history and geography.

Almost every day, the family Mockabee gives a nature walk, or have adventures, according to Jodi. Going to bathe in the lake and exploring the forest. She admits that she learns along with their children: for example, got several field guides of wild nature. If your children are a plant or berry unknown, they take it home and study it with the help of books, drawn, described, and placed in a special album.

The albums hold a special place in the methodology of Jodi. Each day the children write a story, small or a drawing on the topic studied, and learn to express their thoughts correctly. Jodi lamin all the work of their children and the board in albums theme: so you can know with any certainty at what level is your child, and the children themselves can refresh in the memory the information studied.

Clear that Jodi does not know everything, that’s why the guys will not only help the encyclopedias and text-books, but also Internet and other teachers. The eldest son is the only one that loves math, that’s why it takes specialized classes in line. It is also the first to feel passion for the music. Jodi and Jason doesn’t know how to play musical instruments, that’s why Carter learned to do it on your own, taking an interest in the piano and the violin. The second son followed his example by incorporating in addition to these the ukulele. The daughter, meanwhile, is delighted with the horses and horse-back riding at a professional level.

Do daily life?

Now Jodi is fully dedicated to the family. Seldom does photo shoots and, usually, photograph expectant mothers and newborns. During many years it takes a blog and an account on Instagram (@jodimockabee), where it inspires other parents to achieve new goals for the family, share the stories of your life, parenting tips, and stunning images.

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