A teacher introduced them to their known an application of farewell, and his final wish was really admirable

Tammy Waddell was a teacher not only by profession but also by vocation. Even realizing that he had little time left of life, she decided to improve that of their students, and appealed to all his acquaintances, with a request really important.

In Great.guru we conmovimos deeply by the act of Tammy. Therefore, we decided to tell you about this woman, who began to be known as “the teacher up to the last breath”.

Tammy Waddell, of the united States, he suffered from an incurable disease. Upon learning of her diagnosis, the woman is not fell into a depression, but it went to his son and asked them to tell all their friends not to bring flowers to his funeral. In contrast, the teacher asked the people who come with backpacks with school supplies, which then should be transferred to schools to help children from low-income families. And the request of Tammy was heard.

The story was shared on Twitter by the cousin of the woman, Brad Johnson. The room where we held the farewell of the teacher was full of all kinds of backpacks packed with notebooks, pens and pencils.

Attended by about a hundred teachers to the farewell of the woman, which led backpacks to transfer them to children whose families could not buy everything they needed for their children to study.

Tammy Waddell worked for 25 years and then retired. When the woman turned 58 years old, the doctors diagnosed him with cancer and told that her life would not last much longer. In that moment it occurred to him how to help the needy students, even after his death.

Photo of Tammy Waddell, published by her in 2014.

It should be noted that the act was not limited to the funeral: people still turn to Brad Johnson to ask where they can deliver their backpacks and how they can help children in need. Brad recommends that you simply bring your donations to the school nearest to you.

More than 3 thousand users shared the story of Tammy, and many of them expressed their admiration for the teacher, who even in his last breath he thought of the children.

However, Brad Johnson, who told this story to the whole world, sees nothing surprising in the fact that the teacher cared so much for children. “If your plan of studies, in addition to games and knowledge, you do not have love, then has developed a planning incorrect”, says the cousin of the woman.

Acts of kindness never lose their relevance, and not wait for something tragic to begin to help others. Do you think that it is possible to organize such a movement of solidarity in your city? What share in an act similar?

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