A mom japanese creates naps unforgettable for your daughter

The time in which a baby sleeps is also often used by parents who need a break. That is not the case of the photographer Laura Izumikawa, whom devoted those periods of time to create beautiful photos of your daughter, Joey, but in a very original way, thus achieving a project of great creativity.

In Great.guru we will tell you more about this project, showing you the photos of the best characters represented by Joey.

The artist

The creator of a project called “Naptime with Joey” (“Hour of the nap with Joey”), is a well-known photographer of Los Angeles, Laura Izumikawa. She is an expert in photography sessions of weddings, but now it’s gone viral thanks to his Instagram full of images of this project. Thanks to its success, the artist published his first book: “Naptime with Joey”, where he compiled the best shots of her daughter dressed up during nap time. This whole project stemmed from wanting to represent in an original way the growth of your daughter, to always have a memory great about your childhood.

The protagonist

The protagonist of the project is her daughter, Joey Marie Choi. The baby managed to get viral in social networks thanks to the photographs and costumes her mother created for her while she naps. The characterizations range from famous and iconic, to animals and costumes. His mother says that Joey sleeps so deep that the girl does not notice when the masquerades.

Best Characters

1. Tourist new york

2. Stranger Things

3. William Wallace, brave Heart

4. Animals

5. Kitchen

6. The spring

7. Disney World

8. Thanksgiving

9. Small taco

10. The war of the galaxies

11. Daenerys, Game of Thrones

12. Astronaut

Bonus: #JoeyWorldProject (“global Project of Joey”)

With this photographic project, the artist seeks to create a series of photographs on the costumes in different countries.

1. Mexico

2. India

3. Romania

4. Azerbaijan

5. Colombia

6. Mongolia

7. Brazil

8. El Salvador

9. Japan

10. Canada

11. Korea

12. Ukraine

13. Pakistan

14. Liberia

15. Spain

What do you think of the project? What costume you liked the most? It tell us!

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