A quick and easy way to use the emergency services to remember something and not forget it in an instant

The memotecnia is a set of memorization techniques used by the special services, whose main secret is the transformation of the information in images with the help of associations. The more you can think of more neural connections you’ll make, and because of this, the brain will age more slowly and you will remember things faster.

Great.guru you will have about the 5 golden rules for the association, which are based on this technique and will help you to memorize everything you want of a way more fast and fun.

1. The first thing that occurs to you

When you are looking for a partnership there is need to review many ideas and choose the most original. It works better to stay with the one that comes first to mind because this connection is associative is the shortest and when you have to remember, it will work faster than all the others.

Let’s imagine that we have to memorize the name of a new well-known call Mary Joseph Moscati. The first association that we ocuerre is based on your last name: a fly. We will develop this image below.

2. You are the hero of all the associations

The association must be related to you because what happens to one’s self cause the most interest, and therefore it is difficult to forget. When you read a paragraph about a story and you imagine yourself as a hero of the war, definitely you are able to remember more facts from this text.

Suppose that your sister called Mary, like your new well-known. This will serve as another clue to remember the name.

3. Linking the association with the feelings

The images should be bright and detailed, include all your senses to visualize it in the best way.

Now combine the second name with some place. For example, you’ve visited the Palace of San José. Imagine this site in detail, feel the smells of the flowers, reminiscent of the colour of the walls.

4. Think illogical and absurdly

Who of the crowd do you remember best? Does a man dressed in jeans and a sweater, or a person in a yellow coat with a ridge in the green? Of course, to the second. Your attention will highlight something unusual. Try to find associations according to this rule.

Let us try to unite our 3 associations into a single: Mary (sister Mary), Joseph (palace of San José), Moscati (fly). Let’s think of an absurd story. You’re building a great fly along with your sister Mary and they are landed directly in the Palace of San José, where you will meet your new well-known shocked.

5. The association has to be fun

Our psyche over time eliminates the unpleasant emotions, but preserves the positive. And the laughter will help you not only improve memory, but also to compete in wit.

Try to imagine that not only you land at the palace riding a fly, but that you do so ridiculous and funny, maybe cayéndote and tropezándote. Now definitely will not forget Mary and Joseph and you will always be happy to see it.

Look at your palm and tries to remember the five golden rules of the association (not espíes). Now your hand will tell you these standards and, guided by them, you’ll be able to remember any information easily and with interest.

Practice. Remember the names of the people below, creating associations. Try to use the 5 rules. In the end, you can make up a fun story over all.

For example, the name of Lucretia is divided into 2 parts: Lu-growing (Luna crece). Imagine that she is walking under the growing Moon. For that the association is ridiculous, you can jump on one foot and wearing a suit of chicken with a red comb.

When you remember all the names, click on the image and test as I was. On the reverse, the people are in the wrong order. Test again in an hour, a day, a week, and you’re going to see that you still remember everything. This is the main advantage of the method in contrast with the simple memorization.

Try to find associations to your name in the comments.

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Illustrator Oleg Guta for Great.guru

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