An international organization of lawyers querellará against Google and Twitter if you do not remove criminal content

The Lawfare Project is an organization located in New York and is dedicated to fight against “the abuse of the law used as a weapon against the democratic system”, as explained on his own website. Among the objects of their struggle, which is always developed in the legal field and in the courts, have been boycotts against Israel, a number of cases of discrimination is anti-semitic or application evil of certain laws to favor terrorist organizations.

Among its recent disputes have been cases with some relevance as a claim to Kuwait Airlines because it does not accept passengers of israeli nationality on their flights and they have also collaborated with the series of lawsuits against the BDS in the town halls that have been developed with singular success in our country.

Perhaps for that previous experience, the new project The Lawfare Project is going to develop precisely in Spain, as explained by this Monday at a meeting with a group of journalists in Madrid, its executive director, attorney and documentary filmmaker Brooke Goldstein.

It is a series of actions to compel companies such as Google, Twitter or Yahoo to be more active against hate speech-or, more specifically, against the posts or pages that include messages that are clearly criminal to promote violence or hatred against a minority.

The problem is not freedom of expression

The promoters of the initiative wanted to make it very clear that his intention is not to reduce the margins of freedom of expression –”we do not want to go against what is politically incorrect or what a majority may consider to be offensive,” explained the lawyer Ignacio Palacios – but only against the discourse of hatred “that has grown 30% in just one year.” As an example of the type of content that will be pursued have been cited comments in social networks that “they said that it was better to strangle the jews because they do not deserve to be spent bullets”.

The method you have chosen is also novel: it is not going to act against the author of the content in question, but against the social network that has been published to erase, or, in his case, against search engines to remove links from their results. In this sense, in addition, will only act lawfully if companies desoyen requirements previous to they will reach and that, in fact, in some cases they have made already.

However, from The Lawfare Project does not have a lot of confidence in the effectiveness of these requirements friendly: “For example, currently Twitter only responds to a 36% of the complaints about this type of content and, generally, face more to users offensive or politically incorrect to people who deny the Holocaust, for example.”

Brooke Goldstein puts us another example: “If you say that you have to remove it or take to the gypsies, it is illegal”, he explains, recalling that hate crimes should be limited to those aspects that are not the result of opinions or decisions, but “the things people can’t change in your life: race, gender, or the country in which you were born“.

In the next few weeks we’ll begin to initiate some legal proceedings to which The Lawfare Project will have a team of legal experts in Spain and, of course, with the support and legal expertise of the entire organization and the more than 350 lawyers who comprise in various countries of the world.

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