A movie of Breaking Bad could come very soon!

Great news has come in this day: a film of Breaking Bad may soon be thanks to Vince Gilligan, the creator of the popular series.

For those fans of the history of Heisenberg and Pinkman, the announcement comes as a bucket of cold water, as there was no information or rumors that this could happen.

But everything has been taken in a good way and without excepticismo, as the sources of The Hollywood Reporter have explained that the same Gilligan, Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein are working on a two-hour movie.

Reportan que se está preparando una película de Breaking Bad

The project in question bears the provisional name of the Greenbier and is said to treat about a man who has been kidnapped and seeks fervently for his freedom.

However, that’s not given to understand if it will be a prequel to the story of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, or a pattern alternating is set in the same world that was introduced last 10 years, plus I don’t know if you are going for tv or straight to the big screen.

The Walking Dead is a sequel to Breaking Bad

By the time this is all that is in it, because the recordings just start on this month in New Mexico with a team of 16 players, 300 people of production and 450 extras.

With this you can begin to formulate theories of what could be seen in the forthcoming work of Gilligan, will it be that Walter will fix your life or return to the path of the methamphetamine, you do you think?

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