A test that will show what predominates in your head: theoretical knowledge or practical skills

Why people like to both pass several tests? Jonah Berger, the author of the book “Contagious: Why Things Catch On”, you think that they are a great opportunity to get to know you better and compare your results with those of other people. May give an important clue, to convince you that you are very good at something, and besides, we have fun. But the best test is the one that makes you even more intelligent.

In Great.guru , we offer you to pass a test that will determine if you have more theoretical knowledge or practical skills, but their main task is to expand your horizons, offer you new insights, and help you pass the time.

General level of knowledge:

Waiting for you are 3 blocks of 5 questions each. For every correct answer adds 1 point and then sum the score of each category.

Let’s start with the theory and review of the general knowledge that has remained since the time of the school. Depending on the number of correct answers, we will venture to guess who you were in the institute: a distracted or an excellent student. Don’t use Google!

1. Was never president of the united States, but his portrait is on a banknote USD. Who is this man?

2. An amoeba with pseudopodia is…

3. What helped Theseus out of the labyrinth of Crete where he slew the Minotaur?

4. How do I get to walk from Eurasia to North America?

5. Newton’s third law says…

General knowledge:

Did you like the first batch of questions? We now offer the other five, whose purpose is to check your attention and curiosity.

6. What colors do you mix to draw a green grass?

7. If you start with a penny and you double your fortune every day, how much time you will need for becoming a millionaire?

8. What can’t you do the babies of 6-7 months?

9. Who invented the computer?

10. What of these sports really exist?

The knowledge that the life itself:

Finally, we offer 5 questions whose answers you can hardly ever obtain in the school, but don’t be discouraged: apply this knowledge daily in your life. Or, perhaps, you do not. Find out below.

11. Which of these methods does not help to open a jar with a lid too tight?

12. How can you restore a closed tab accidentally in the browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

13. Which of these habits is not as useful as it seems at first sight?

14. When you have 37.2°C of temperature, it would be best to:

15. How do you do to drink and not get drunk too fast?

Calculation of results:

Now calculate how many points you get and compare which of the categories you have the most correct answers.

  • The first category: what is more likely is that you are an academic, a person who accumulates a lot of knowledge during life, though not always used. Your favorite question is: “why?”. Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Stephen Hawking can be considered academic.
  • Second category: funny. I like to learn new things and your favorite question is: “How?”. The most renowned inventors were Archimedes, Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Third category: 100% professional. You will only be interested in knowledge that can be used in daily life, and your favorite question is: “what For?”. Among that group are worth noting Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison.
  • If you have an equal number of correct answers in all categories, or you answered all the questions, congratulations: you combine the three features above.

Did you like our test? Did you learn something new? Or do all of the questions you found easy?

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