An academic journal accepts a chapter of ‘Mein Kampf’ to be rewritten in terms of feminist

Maybe you remember that a few months ago was in the news the publication of a study on the “culture of rape” in the dogs walking in the parks in the scientific journal specializing Gender, Place & Culture. The article had not only passed the peer review, but did so with note: was selected as a study featured in special numbers that celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the magazine. The author, a phd in feminism, Helen Wilson, said he had examined “respectful but closely the genitals of a little less than 10,000 dogs, taking care not to produce alarm and marchándome if the dog seemed uncomfortable”, to conclude that these parks “are converted to spaces tolerant of rape where the culture of rape in human is represented by the permissiveness and moral that we extend to the animals.”

The problem is that Helen Wilson does not exist. The article was one of the close of the twenty three scholars –Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsey and Peter Boghossian– sent to different magazines specialized in so-called “studies protest”: gender studies, sexual identity or racial, etc After failing in their first attempts –six studies were rejected– they managed to succeed with the right approach and when they had put an end to his project because it was going to be uncovered had managed to publish seven articles, and another seven were in various stages of the process of acceptance and publication by various journals of social studies post-modernists.

Among the texts, written during a space of ten months, which include studies that claim all kinds of outrageous things, of course without any scientific basis. In them it is said that if a man masturbates thinking of a woman who knows it is rape, the other I copied an article supposedly legitimate glaciology feminist and argued that in the studies of astronomy was included in astrology feminist and queer, that the men who masturbaran through anal penetration would be more feminist and less tránsfobos or that white students should not have the right to speak up in class and had to stay lying down and chained. Arrived, even, to rewrite the chapter 12 of Mein Kampf of Hitler in terms of feminist; the article was accepted by the journal Affilia though now, hopefully, it will not come to publish it.

Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsey and Peter Boghossian regret that the work of the physicist Alan Sokal, who in 1996 published an article without any type of sense in the magazine of reference of postmodernism , Social Text, thus demonstrating that the field had no scientific value whatsoever, when not even the specialists could differentiate between a legitimate work of pure rhetoric without meaning. And yet postmodernism has done nothing but thrive since then. Why? Because it allows you to give coverage academic to a good number of activists ideologizados at a cost that is ridiculous: the three authors were able to write twenty articles in ten months, and his success was such that even began to call them to review studies of other authors. It is considered that it takes about seven articles published to achieve a square fixed in the university.

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