#Unboxing we Receive to Samsung SmartThings in our house with @jmatuk

Samsung takes a hand in our country in regards to the Internet of Things (IoT). At the end of September ahead of all of you and offer in conjunction with Telcel your kit Samsung SmartThings, which is next-generation technology to turn any home or office into a space smart.

#unocero360 Samsung SmartThings, Network, Hydrogen One, and the new Google Pixel

With this partnership, all stakeholders in Mexico to begin to enjoy the new generation of devices that are truly the future, will be able to do so with the guarantee a robust connection to ensure the proper functioning of this ecosystem.

But who better to explain these wonders that the Lord Matuk, who received in this house, the barracks unocero, and then offered him his best treatment, the #unboxing. So as you can see, they’re going to learn all about Samsung’s SmartThings. We leave them with them.

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