#Unboxing Sonos Beam: How to set it up and first impressions

Just a couple of months ago we told you about the launch of the sleek new soundbar from Sonos from San Francisco, now the Sonos Beam came to our domains, so we decided to test this attractive piece of design and engineering that promises to bring a superior sound to the house of its users.

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The Sonos Beam, available in Mexico since July 17, is compatible with more than 80 music services, attendees of the voice such as Alexa and Siri (later also with Google Assistant) and will also be compatible with AirPlay 2.

Pontoon was commissioned to test the gifts of this sound bar, and taking the trip, I also made a tutorial to see step-by-step how to connect it in your home and set it up so that they can enjoy their virtues in a few minutes. So we leave them alone to get to know you better.

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