Unicode announces other 157 new emoticons for the year 2018

The Unicode Consortium, the organization that is responsible for the language of the same name, has announced the new standard Emoji 11.0, which will reach users during the second half of this year and which will include for the first time designs with people with red hair and with the curly hair.

In total, the Unicode standard 11.0 includes 157 new ’emoji’ to be added to the general library of these designs, which reaches a total of 2.823 ’emojis’, as explained by the programming language Unicode in their official website.

Among the new ’emoji’, the package of Unicode includes people with a variety of hair additional, as people with red hair, with curly hair, white and bald. As in the existing designs, it is possible to customize your skin color.

In addition, Unicode has also added other new features such as the emoticons of ‘hot’, ‘cold’ and ‘dizzy’, as well as superheroes and supervillanos with a variety of gender and skin tone, designs sports as a ball of ‘softball’ and stick a ‘lacrosse’, and new animals like the mosquito, lobster, kangaroo, raccoon, hippo and badger.

Emoji 11.0, and the new emoticons will start to come to the smartphones of the users during the second half of this year to 2018, more specifically, between the months of August and September, as has been argued Unicode, which will launch its new Unicode standard 11.0 in June. It is possible to consult the 157 new designs from the website Emojipedia.

Unicode has also announced that it will accept applications for the incorporation of new emoticons to your design library until march face to its incorporation in Emoji 12.0, the standard that will broadcast in 2019.

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