One more enters the arena: AT&T will launch its own streaming service

The company AT&T has big plans for the 2019 because by then they will have their own streaming service in the hands of WarnerMedia, which will provide a huge amount of productions, ranging from the more known and commercial, to the contents themselves.

This means that you will have access to productions for Warner Bros., Turner Broadcasting and HBO, therefore, the user will be able to have degrees as varied as Casablanca, Harry Potter, Batman ER and Pretty Little Liars, to mention just a few.

To publicize this news, John Stankey, the leader of the new division created by AT&T, explained that this new strategy are plans to have a “product attractive and competitive, that will compete against brands such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

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Of equal way, will enter the ring with the new service that Walmart will launch and Disney Play that already has the foundations to execute its mission.

Stankey stressed that this is not a division at HBO, because the channel will be kept as is known, as it has been this way in that has attracted large number of audience you currently have.

The data that missed in the presentation, were the name and cost, so you will have to wait until they are released, but if you want to give a rough idea of the price for a subscription, it can be said that will be above the $ 15 a month, because this is hardly what you pay for the streaming service of HBO.

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With this new platform for AT&T, people may have a variety of options to view any content they wish and now they will not remain only with that which is popular or known by all.

With all this information do you who to go or with who it would be? and Partners.

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