#Unocero360 Chester Cheetos, Reptilian, Matt 20 Pro and the return of Roku

Tremendous news agenda this week in unocero, that’s why Diana, Avila, Alberto and the Muppet did not waver when we are looking for volunteers for the #unocero360 of the week.

INTERVIEW: Director Roku tells us how and why they returned to Mexico

And is that how not, if the discussion took the phenomena of viral Chester Cheetos and the reptilian YouTube, which returned to prove that the internet is a strange place. But in addition to the return of Roku broke it, with their legal victory; and if they lacked reasons, the launch of the week, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, I had to be on the grill.

So get ready to enjoy the #Unocero360 that is becoming a mainstay.

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