#Unocero360: The robots we conquered, new iPhone, Google kills Inbox, and more

Welcome to this new section called Unocero 360, where every Friday 5 members of the team Unocero will sit down to discuss the most interesting topics of the week in the world of technology.

This Friday, Diana, Erick, Ricardo, Muppet and Avila talk about the more interesting for them this week as it is the case of the dismissal of Bancomer by the fault of the technology, graphene, which is baptized as the material of the future, the app of Google that’s going to die, the cost of the new iPhone and the trolleo between technology companies.

Do not forget to mention in the comments which topic you liked the most and why, and for you what was the most interesting of the week in the world of technology.

Unocero 360: IFA, the new iPhone, Art Selfie and the new productions of YouTube in Mexico

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