#UnoceroBits: Everything you need to know of the arrival of Alexa to Mexico

It’s official, Alexa has come to Mexico, speaks Spanish, and is available in a app for Android and iOS, as well as in the new Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Spot.

And if you are interested in Alexa and you want to know more about it, here you have everything you need to know about your arrival to Mexico.

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Bit 1 – mexican Spanish created from scratch

Alexa is not simply a translation of Alexa English to Spanish, but the team Amazon has worked from the ground up to be the mexican Spanish that talk about the new wizard, in addition to which has been nourished with idioms and forms of speech in our country, therefore, not Alexa in Spanish is different in Spain and Mexico, so don’t think that they speak the same.

Bit 2 – What can you do to Alexa?

This is one of the most important questions about Alexa, because based on the response many be able to decide if buy or not a new speaker from Amazon with Alexa in Mexico.

What you can do with the new wizard of Amazon is to buy directly in the store of the company, play music, ask for information from the Internet as for example ‘When you play Mexico,’ or, asking for things like the time, weather of the day or the week, also you can set alarms, reminders, and run skills (of which we shall speak later). By the way, Alexa can also sing, tell stories, riddles, and control other smart devices your home compatible with Alexa.

Bit 3 – What can’t it do Alexa?

Alexa is not perfect, and although still need to test it thoroughly to know how is standing in front of a Google Home, the reality is that we know that there are some things that it does in English and that still does not make in Spanish.

One of them, and very important, is that it does not recognize different voices, that is to say, several people can give orders, but there are no profiles, so if your cousin asks for information on your calendar will give you the info to your agenda and not hers. Later Alexa have this feature with up to 6 users as in English, but for that we still have to wait.

Alexa also can put a movie or series on your tv even if you have the Fire TV Stick, but yes you can do that later. Finally, it is not possible to speak to you in English and Spanish, only know how to speak Spanish, but it is something that the brand is working.

Bit 4 – What are the Other Skills?

As its name says, the skills are skills that you will be gaining Alexa with the help of developers, that is to say, Alexa learn how to do new things when you install a skill, which can go from reading the news, making reservations for a movie or even play with you.

At this moment there are many skills in Spanish, some of the most important in Mexico are Televisa Deportes, Cinepolis, Philips Hue, Domino’s Pizza, Aeromexico, Expansion, Mediotiempo, TP-Link, Cartoon Network, etc

In the case of Cinepolis can listen to information of the films and to book tickets for the cinema, with Televisa to hear the news, with the Philips Hue you can control the spotlights, intelligent, and much more.

Bit 5 – Alexa works in the phone as Google Assistant

No, Alexa does not work at this moment on the phone as Google Assistant, there are only two Android models compatible with this mode of use, and are the HTC U11 and the Huawei Mate 9. However, the application Alexa-for Android and iOS will serve to control Alexa from the phone, that is to say it is very similar to what it is the app of Google Home to give you an idea.

Bit 6 – Alexa it is present beyond the Echo

Not only does the Amazon Echo are compatible with Alexa, but that we will be able to find altaboces, hearing aids, and many products of major brands scomo Boce, We are, Harman Kardon and many more with Alexa.

This will allow yes you prefer a brand of speakers by their design or quality, but you want an intelligent assistant, therefore Alexa will be there.

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