#UnoceroBits: Everything you need to know about Amazon Music in Mexico

The day has arrived today Alexa of official way to Mexico, and has done so with 4 new Amazon Echo, however, one of the star products that also premiered in our country is Amazon Music, the streaming service of music that he wants to compete against Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

For this reason, here, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the arrival of Amazon Music to Mexico, to decide if it is time to leave Spotify, Apple, Music, or YouTube Music and try something totally new.

1 – Free members-only Prime

The first thing you should know is that the customers Prime in Mexico have access to the service of Amazon Music at no cost, but with some limitations that you need to know, because if you’re a customer of the membership Prime you’ll have access to 2 million songs, hundreds of playlists and stations selected by experts, but be careful, because there is a limit of reproduction monthly.

2 – 40 hours a month if you’re Prime and don’t want to subscribe to Music Unlimited

If you want to enjoy the benefit of Amazon Music being Prime, and without a paid membership additional with other benefits, then not only will you be limited to 2 million songs, but also to a playback of 40 hours per month.

In case of overcoming this limit of reproduction will no longer be able to use the service until the end of the month.

Alexa arrives officially to Mexico with 6 new products

3 – What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Customers who are not Prime, and which are Prime but they want more benefits you will be able to subscribe to the service Music Unlimited, which gives you access to 50 million songs (one of the largest portfolios large), eliminates the limit of hours of play time, and you’ll be able to download music on your device.

But before you continue, you should know that the customers of Amazon Music Unlimited may use your account in up to 10 different devices, while the Amazon Music will only be able to do it in 4.

4 – Welcome to the family plans

Although there is a family membership for Prime, yes there are family plans Amazon Music Unlimited, the benefit with which up to 6 users (including you) can enjoy the benefits of Amazon Music Unlimited.

It is important to mention that there are subscription plans-monthly and annual, but the latter is only available to members Prime, then receive a special discount, where you only pay 10 of the 12 months, which includes the year.

5 – What is that Plan Echo

One of the great advantages of the Amazon Echo is that they have an excellent integration with Alexa, and therefore you can get a lot of profit with Amazon Music, which is why Amazon also offers a subscription plan where you can only listen to music on an Amazon Echo.

This plan has a cost of 39 USD monthly, and it gives you all the benefits of Amazon Music Unlimited, but without the ability to download music, because you can only use one speaker smart Amazon.

6 – Prices

Let’s talk about money, the costs of the plans are the following:

  • Amazon Music – Free for members Prime.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: 99 MXN monthly / 990 MXN per year (members only Prime).
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Family: 149 MXN monthly / 1490 MXN per year (members only Prime).

7 – And if my account is from another country

If you created your Amazon account Music in another country like the USA, England, Germany, or some other, but you want to use Amazon Music or Music Unlimited, then you’ll have to transfer your Amazon account Music the of Amazon Mexico.

To do that you will only have to follow the instructions from the following link.

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